Zero Carbon Building Supplies

Taking the Negative and Turning It Possitive

We commit to collaboration and partnership through training of community members and building this system that will create the building textile together through discovery and design. We will teach how to grow hemp and utilize the seeds for more harvests and heating oil that the community will be able to use as diesel for sale through export or for personal use. Then we will move onto the next build to help the next community create the same build to benefit their community. This then helps get rid of the use for forest products and helps reguvenate the land through land remediation. We have reached out to The Republic of The Marshall Islands for a letter of support as Mary is a decendant from there and born Canadian. She has been working on land remediation through hemp due to the atomic bombs that where dropped on the Marshalle Islands. The President and his cabinet have responded with excitement and another pilot is in the works.

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