Hempcrete Housing & Textiles

Giving Back Through Housing for Remote Communities

The Owls Path have been building this idea for Whitebear First Nations through housing needs that my uncle is facing. The issues of holes in the floors and the windows boarded up, are horrible living conditions for any human being. We found that with breaking down the plant we are able to create this building block for our people. By creating jobs and opportunity through training and hands on skills, we will help create pressed blocks and plywood. This process isn’t new, its just that during the last few years wood was the go to for building supplies. We will be contacting other organizations through our international hemp building and materials communities so that we can learn more info as it is being released through different organizations. We have been working on connecting with many different companies for our knowledge base and this year we will be creating a small pilot project to learn with our team here at our first location in Port Alberni starting in march 2022 for our first Industrial grow.

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